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Grammy Family

Congratulation to the home town boys Cee-Lo Green and fellow east side represent-er B.O.B for there 5 total 2011 Grammy nominations. Gotta love the A!!!!

Best Rap Album
‘The Adventures of Bobby Ray’ — B.o.B
Best Rap Song
‘Nothin’ On You’ — B.o.B & Bruno Mars
Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals
‘Airplanes, Part II’ — B.o.B., Eminem & Hayley Williams
Record of the Year
‘Nothing on You’ — B.o.B. Feat. Bruno Mars

Song of the Year
‘Forget You’ — Cee-Lo


UO on ponce instore



1998-2005 every urban/hood girl in high school across GA was rockin slouch socks..bring em back!!!


Panola rd AD all day!!! “peach drank no ice”-bishop

Uncle GP

FKB & Reggie B