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Slice it up!!!

Decided to make a appearance at Slice Thursday night after receiving a tweet from my patna AP…He was right shit was jumping!!!

Never Absent

Taken at Fadia’s Perfect Attendance return of the duo…

You gonna love me

Dedication to my boi A.leon craft this was my favorite song in 11th grade…Their performance at Glenwood day 05 is the reason my next project is called “Glennwood Shuffle”, because soon after they performed this song shots began and people scrambled like a football play.

Happy Bday

Feb 22 marked the day two of my family members where born…My big bro Killa T and my GF Gabby aka Yummi both of these people play a major role in my development as an artist so happy belated and thanx for holding me down bless!!

Oh yeah i see you in that chevy Killa


Inker’s Republic

Yesterday I visited Inker’s Republic owned by my boy’s Rikky & Josh out in Morrow, GA to get my arm tatted. The shop is super clean I like the way they designed the privet booths and the shop colors. Im definitely proud of my boys they doing their thang on the southside.