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The Black Madonna

“In some cultures the Black Madonna is also associated with Sophia, who is representative of wisdom. Perhaps wisdom comes from walking through the darkness and learning there is light beyond the darkness; that there is hope beyond the loss; and too that there is always new life and a way to gentleness as we learn from our journeys.  ” -Katherine Skaggs


Just doing my job

As many of you good people may or may not know my background is fashion merchandising and product development,  I gets to it on the new Apple i pad in 2011..Be on the look out for more of this side me this year as im preparing to work with a new mens store in Atl and looking into calab with good friend Chilly-O ..

Sweet Auburn Fest 2010

Freaknik 2010

84 AREA Model of the Month

Big ups!! To my hommie Sheldon “Havoc” and all the support he has been giving on his blog 84 Area.

Checkout the interview i did for 84 Area about my tattoo’s and new project Glenwood shuffle here:


What about cha bankroll?